Shaindel Beers: two new interviews

I met Shaindel Beers on facebook after reading about her when her virtual tour stopped at Michelle McGrane’s peony moon. The virtual tour, called “On the Hood of a Cutlass Supreme,” is for her first full-length poetry collection, A Brief History of Time, published by Salt Publishing (January 19, 2008). Shaindel Beers is a very talented poet who will stay on my radar in the years to come.

There are currently two interviews posted about A Brief History of Time and Shaindel Beers, so now is a good time to learn more about her and her work, and to buy a copy of her book. Remember, Salt Publishing is losing its funding – treat yourself to some delightful poetry and support independent publishers in one fell swoop!

Poets Online: On The Hood of a Cutlass Supreme, virtual book tour for A Brief History of Time.

Poet Robert Lee Brewer interviews Shaindel Beers at Poetic Asides.

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