Karen Head releases second collection of 2009

Karen Head just sent word that her new book, Sassing, has just been released by Wordtech Press. This is Karen Head’s second collection this year, coming after My Paris Year (All Nations Press, 2009). She very generously shared three poems from My Paris Year in the first issue of ouroboros review.

One aspect of Karen Head’s work I admire is her ability to combine autobiographical elements with scientific or cultural topics. One of my favorite poems from My Paris Year (which I had the pleasure of hearing read by the poet), is Le Gran K, about how the official French kilo is losing mass each year. Of course, like all great poems, it’s not about what it seems at face value, but rather it’s about the importance of even the most negligible amounts of something.

I’m looking forward to hearing Karen Head read from her new collection, but readers in the UK will have the first chance, as she is traveling to England this summer. You can find her reading schedule on her blog, Karen Head: Poetic Acts in a Digital World.

5 thoughts on “Karen Head releases second collection of 2009

  1. christine says:

    I’m jealous too, Collin. I’d also love to find you a rich English husband. I’d be so proud. I love matchmaking.

    Jo, Karen is effervescent, a delightful person. I’m jealous that she gets to meet you.


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