Tipton Poetry Journal spring issue now live

The Tipton Poetry Journal included one of my poems, ‘Everything is a Sign’ in their spring issue. In the poem I included words contributed from Read Write Poem’s wordle prompt. One of them, anapest, the driving word I should say, came from Dale Favier. Thanks Dale!

Here’s a direct link to my poem, Everything is a Sign.

And here’s a direct link to an amazing poem, I think my favorite from the issue:

Hymn to a Lost Breast, by Bonnie Mauer

The journal is filled with poems that reflect the natural environment and how human beings fit into it. There are many poems with references to rural life and country life, but with a contemporary view. I’m honored to be included with so many poets whose work is far more widely published than mine is.

Issue #13 (Spring 2009) of the Tipton Poetry Journal has been published and is available now in both print and online versions:

Tipton Poetry Journal # 13

Contributors for the Spring 2009 issue include:

Gilbert Allen, CL Bledsoe, Scott Brewer, David Campbell, Dan Carpenter, Patrick Carrington, Lisa Cihlar, Hannah Craig, Steve De France, Hugh Fox,Kristin George, Joan Goldberg, Tina Hammerton, Michael Henson, Ronnie Hess, Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa, Kathleen Kenny, Norbert Krapf, Matthew Landrum, Brian Lowery, Theodore Lucero, Donal Mahoney, Rick Marlatt, Bonnie Maurer, Norman Minnick, George Moore, Erin Murphy, Lylanne Musselman, Brandon Pettit, Richard King Perkins II, Roger Pfingston, Stephen R. Roberts, Tom Sheehan, Judson Simmons, Roger Singer, Christine Swint, Tom Þorgautr, Robin Throne, James W. Torke, Changming Yuan

Barry Harris, Editor
Katie Kowalski, Assistant Editor

14 thoughts on “Tipton Poetry Journal spring issue now live

  1. Jo says:

    I’ve just been having a read. That poem of yours is my favourite. It’s so very inventive — totally belies the ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’ maxim. And I love the breast poem you say is your favourite too. It’s a great journal. I’m going to order a copy so I can pop you on my shelf *grin*.


  2. Julie says:

    Congratulations, Christine! It is an excellent poem! I love the ending, and I especially love this stanza:

    “Anapest woodpeckers riddle your shingles,
    remind you to reach down your throat,
    pull the plug of fear lodged in your chest,
    bury it in the landfill”.

    Yes!! But I do love it all. I’ll go read the breast poem, too. What a fascinating title.


  3. Bonnie Maurer says:

    Thank you for honoring my poem here. I’m so glad to know it is finding a community of readers.
    I have found much to delight in your poem as well. I especially like that second stanza.


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