Video poem

Video Poem from christine swint on Vimeo.

A poem I wrote for the theme of night found at John Siddique’s Guardian workshop. After I recorded the poem and exported the video I went back and changed some words, but here you have the basic foundation of the piece. The scenes are a combination of still shots and video. The video I shot myself. Except for the mosaic at the beginning, the still images are from stock.xchnge.

12 thoughts on “Video poem

  1. John Siddique says:

    Hi Christine
    enjoyed the poem, esp the rumaging in the drawer image, and was that a ‘this mortal coil’ reference? ie filigree and shadows..

    hope yr well, please do submit the poem to the Guardian.. and hope yr not too startled at my popping up – was just following yr blog.

    all best from sunny but windy Venice


  2. Michelle Johnson says:

    Good Morning Christine~ Love your speaking voice as it draws your readers into what your reading aloud. I enjoy each of your video poems so much. They are always so well thought out. This one is no different. It’s beautiful. Hope all is well with you and your family. Have a nice day.


  3. Jo says:

    Lovely work, some realy original imagery, really well done. I wish I could read it though, would you send me a copy or put it up here?


  4. christine says:

    Thanks, everyone, for viewing. I do like to have the written poem too, but I have sent it off to the Guardian. Thanks, John, for visiting here, and for the encouragement.


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