Happy Blog Reader Appreciation Day!

Moments from Venice, Florida from christine swint on Vimeo.

Some clips from the beach as a thank you to all my friends on the web. Happy Blog Reader Appreciation Day!

Blog Reader Appreciation Day is hosted at The OTHER Mother, by Robin Reagler.

7 thoughts on “Happy Blog Reader Appreciation Day!

  1. christine says:

    Collin, I love brooding too. I really enjoy being the only person on the beach when it’s cloudy, windy, and stinging salt.

    Thanks, all of you, for reading my raw poems and leaving your comments. It keeps me writing.


  2. ybonesy says:

    Thanks, Christine. That was fun. I loved the shots of the surf and the palm tree blowing in the breeze. And was your shell banner from the same trip?

    I do love reading your poetry and your other posts. And I value your gentle spirit.


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