Poetry news

  • Jo and I are beginning a new reading period for the third issue of ouroboros review, ending Sunday, May 3, and due to be released in July. We’ll take a break for the summer, and then resume reading in the fall for a winter issue.
  • It’s a happy day – Deb Scott and I have a poem up at qarrtsiluni for their Mutating the Signature series, edited by Dana and Nathan, who now have a blog together with the same name as this current edition of qarrtsiluni. Thanks to Dave Bonta, Dana, and Nathan for making it happen.
  • Jill, Carolee and I have written thirty prompts for the month of April, which has been dubbed National Poetry Writing Month on the web. It’s also National Poetry Month in the United States. As if we needed a month to celebrate poetry! You can go to Read Write Poem every day next month to find a new idea to inspire your writing. Because of a conversation we had with Michelle McGrane, we have dubbed ourselves The Madwomen who Stand Outside the Supermarket Passing out Poems to People. We we also be in your pockets the day you need to carry around a poem in your pocket. So look out.
  • Poet Robert Lee Brewer, who runs a poetry blog for Writer’s Digest called Poetic Asides, has announced a poetry marathon for the month of April. He’ll be posting a prompt a day, and will choose his top favorite poems posted on his site for each day. And there’s more. He and a group of distinguished judges, including Marky Doty, Collin Kelley, Nick Flynn, Shaindel Beers, and Dorianne Laux, will choose the top fifty poems from these entries to be included in an e-chap anthology. April is going to be a frenzy of poems.

5 thoughts on “Poetry news

  1. jo says:

    I LOVE your poem. It’s sssssssssssoooooooo good. Well done on the prompt extravaganza and thanks for the tip-off. I’m settling down on my sofa, feet up with tea!


  2. odessa says:

    wow, april is looking to be an exciting month! i just decided to do NaPoWriMo this year too. well see how i will do, i was an early drop-out last year. hee.
    congrats on the poem, i will head over to qarrtsiluni and read it.


  3. ybonesy says:

    This is, indeed, your month. I’m looking forward to checking out your poem and some of the other recent ones. I just want to say I was so impressed to see that you guys wrote 30 prompts for the month, and that you’re writing a poem a day. Whew, you are an overachiever!


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