The OTHER mother hosts blog carnival

Robin Reagler, writer, poet, and executive director of Writers in The Schools in Texas has announced on one of her blogs, The OTHER mother, that she’ll be hosting a blog carnival to highlight Freedom to Marry week. Here’s what Robin has to say:

I hope you will join me in this blog carnival, which we began last year. The way it works is simple. Each day next week, post to your blog or facebook page something on these topics, according to the “olde” wedding tradition:

Tuesday, Feb. 10… Something Old

Wednesday, Feb. 11… Something New

Thursday, Feb. 12… Something Borrowed

Friday, Feb. 13… Something Blue

Saturday, Feb. 14… Valentine’s Day: Celebrate Love

Visit The OTHER mother this week to learn more about the carnival, to link your posts to Robin’s site, and to find out what others are doing to highlight the need for all adults to have the freedom to form the marriages they envision for themselves.

You don’t have to be LGBT to participate in this carnival. All you need is a desire to stand up for all adults to love and marry their chosen partner. One would think that statement should go without saying, but sadly, that’s not the case. The only way all adults in the US will have equal marriage rights is for everyone to get involved in raising awareness. That means those in hetero relationships need to lend their voices too.

Logo for the Some/thing carnival hosted at The OTHER mother

Logo for the Some/thing carnival hosted at The OTHER mother

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