A video poem

my poem came with me on a dream run from christine swint on Vimeo.

While running along my usual route, I took video images of some of the sites that wound up in my poem.

read write poem

12 thoughts on “A video poem

  1. paisley says:

    once again your reading blows me away…

    we have such dissimilar writing style that i am often guilty of not getting it,,, but when i hear you read it to me,, it makes me understand that it is indeed your truth,, and not just crafted words….


  2. deb says:

    I loved especially the word “pad” and the whole j-o-y sequence.

    It is amazing how “pad” got to me. That one animal word. Three little letters. The perfect word. Damn.

    I am touched by your remarkable talent. Once again.



  3. Julie says:

    “Flaming tips of sumac lips.” Yes! I’ll never forget that line. Dangit, I hate being away, because I miss your awesome work. But it’s great to be here again. You are a wonderful reader, Christine. And a wonderful poet!


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