Latest Edition of Mannequin Envy

One of my short stories is featured in the latest issue of Mannequin Envy. It’s called Coffee Wisdom. There are poems and stories by Susan Slaviero, Meg Pokrass, Jeff Klooger, Paul Fisher, Jeff Calhoun, and many others.

I love the paintings by Pauline Lim, very surreal and Frida Kahloish.

9 thoughts on “Latest Edition of Mannequin Envy

  1. paisley says:

    oh that was a delight… i had a friend,, a girl from Romania who used to read the grounds left in the bottom of the tiny demitasse cups in which she always served her coffee… none of them ever materialized,,, but it was an adventure just the same…..


  2. Deb says:

    Congratulations, and what a wonderful story. I was taken with the details, the pacing, the telling. I like the sharp arc of it.

    (I *just* used “Stalactites” in a poem today. Really. And I did not read your story first. That blows me away. :-0)


  3. christine says:

    Thanks, guys. Collin, maybe I’ll write a part 2. I submitted the story as flash fiction, so I had to be brief.

    Paisley, the one part of the story that comes from real life is having my coffee grounds read by a friend. It was fun! I can’t remember what she predicted, but I think she said I would be rich, and that sure hasn’t come true.

    Deb, synchronicity strikes again….


  4. Julie says:

    I just read it, and I love it, Christine! I love Ana from Zagreb. I mean, I just instantly liked her, as well as the narrator. I agree with Christine’s comment about the details. Your details are excellent! I am always impressed by flash when it’s done well, because I can’t do it. I will, however, study what you have done to try to learn more. An exceptional piece. Congratulations on a well deserved publication!


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