read, write, collaborate

In Your Eyes My Own Reflection

When you step out from behind
a gossamer curtain, the shape
of your face, the line of your lips,
releases the light, curves into morning.

Pieces of me stick to whoever
gets too close, they tie you down,
rough as rope.

As you peel me away
I feel a shiver, notice a reflection
in a mirror – is it you, or is it me?


The lines from this poem come from several different poets. To read the original lines, visit read write poem’s collaborative poetry prompt, by Read Write Poem participant Holly, from Lost Kite.

13 thoughts on “read, write, collaborate

  1. blythe says:

    Christine: Really wonderful imagery. This poem feels hot and sticky. I love how cohesive this feels, considering how it was formed. I was astonished that my little poem I wrote from all the lines seemed to wind itself together cleanly, and it looks like yours did as well.


  2. Julie says:

    I love the prompt, Holly! I’d like to be in your class.

    Christine, this poem is excellent! My favorite stanza is the second, but it’s all very strong. Beautiful. I’d like to be in your class, too:)


  3. rob kistner says:

    For me, this is a crisp look at one catching glimpse of their ‘other’ self, perhaps their ‘core’ self – often less understood than their personally perceived self.

    Excellent piece… 😉



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