Some poems on the web

Postal poetry has posted a poem I wrote for Fernando Sousa’s photo 666.

Juliet Wilson’s Bolt’s of Silk has one of my poems up this week, entitled “swamp hypnosis.”

3 thoughts on “Some poems on the web

  1. Julie says:

    Hi, Christine! This site is beautiful! (I’ve been out of town, so that’s why I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet lately…ha). But you have a very nice look going here. “Balanced on the Edge” is a great title. Boy, can I relate to that one.

    And I love this poem!! The details are awesome, but I really, really love the ending. It is so true and so powerful. Too often, humans just spin around each other on that same wheel…without connecting. I will read this one many times.


  2. christine says:

    Julie, thanks for your comments. you’re about the most expressive commenter I’ve ever come across. I really appreciate your enthusiasm. I’ve been out of town too, in Chicago, too busy eating my way through one restaurant after another to blog! Thanks for reading my poems.


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